Technology Microfiber

Introduction of Micro-fiber

Microfiber is a superior, innovative, chemical free, hypoallergenic textile for cleaning. It is 100 times thinner than the thickness of human hair. It is made of polyester and nylon(polyamide).



Technical information of Micro-fiber

Microfiber is made of innovative yarns to be combined with the polyester filaments and polyamide core. It has millions of ultra tiny pores in the shape of microscopic triangles of filament formed by the split process.



These microscopic triangles trap all kinds of dust par-ticles inside the fiber by static electricity and they pre-vent from sticking back by trapping.



As well, numerous pores between the microfibers quickly absorb the water by capillary effect like a sponge and it is rapidly exhaled and dried by moving the water on the surface through the inside pores.



Microfiber with high density construction reaches into even minute crevices and also removes the bacteria and germs from the surface.



Microfiber cloth incredibly enhances cleaning abilities when comparing with gauze, tissue, or other cleaning materials.




Characteristics of Micro-fiber

It lifts dirt particles, oily film and hairs from the surface. It removes grease and oily film without chemicals so it is environmentally safe. It reaches into crevices to clean. It leaves no scratches or lint behind so it can be used safely on any surface. It absorbs water much more than ordinary fiber. It quickly dries out after washing. It has the antifungal effect as removing the bacteria and germs. It is used repeatedly and last long time.



Use of Micro-fiber

To clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera & telescopic lenses, mobile phone, CDs, LCD, electronic appliance, furniture, jewelry, crystal goods, tableware, window, floor, musical instmments, automobile interiors & exteriors, industrial cleaner, sports towel, facial towel, pet towel etc. Microfiber cleaning cloth with high performance would be best cleaning products of the 21st century. Make your convenient living with microfiber cloth everyday.



Treatment of Micro-fiber

It can be used dry for dusting and polishing, or slightly dampened with only water for cleaning, with or without the aid of chemical cleansers. If it leaves any steaks while cleaning, it needs to be wahsed or wrung out before using. Machine wash or hand wash is available in warm water. Don’t use bleach, softner.